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Blessed Are the Foals (Hardcover) by M Phyllis Lose

Blessed Are the Foals (Hardcover) by M Phyllis Lose

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9780876052860. New condition. Hard cover. 2nd ed. Language: English. Sewn binding. Cloth over boards. With dust jacket. Contains: Illustrations. Blessed Are the Foals has been revised and updated to give those who care for the young equine from birth through its first year of life the information they need to make that critical period successful. Once again. Dr. M. Phyllis Lose draws on her decades of experience in equine veterinary practice to explain how to evaluate the foal's health and to recognize when professional help is needed. Profusely illustrated with photographs taken in her practice. Dr. Lose describes in simple. easy-to-understand language for owners. foaling attendants and caregivers what is normal or typical and how to troubleshoot situations that depart from the norm. Beginning with the delivery. emergencies such as failure to breathe. to rise and to nurse are addressed along with such problems as infections and congenital. hereditary and developmental conditions. Other topics include medication and diet--with the emphasis on foal nutrition to meet the changing needs of the newborn--exercise and the special needs of the premature. twin. orphaned and rejected foal. In addition. Dr. Lose discusses current veterinary and husbandry practices and gives candid judgments about their efficacy. Blessed Are the Foals is. in effect. the companion volume to Dr. Lose's Blessed Are the Brood Mares--the acknowledged classic on the breeding and care of mares through gestation. Yet again Dr. Lose's expertise. compassion and loving regard for all horses is apparent. along with her desire to offer support to all who would look after them.

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